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Play… d’oh!

“We do not stop playing because we get older, we get older because we stop playing.”

~ Einstein

Einstein! Honesty. Einstein said that.

Playing is just plain good. It reminds us who we are, it chills us out, and it keeps us on the roads we’re supposed to be on. That’s what I think. Julia Cameron, in The Artist’s Way, said:  “Discipline is a weak battery.” In order to move forward with anything, we need to find out sense of fun, play and enthusiasm.

So, this project is all about play, play. Dough.

Turns out that making playdough is crazy-easy! Here’s the dirt:

Get a big pot, put it over medium/low heat and throw in:

2 cups flour
1 cup salt
2 tablespoons cream of tarter
2 cups of water
1 tablespoons oil (I used olive)

Stir it constantly! It’ll thicken up really quick. Then pull it out and kneed it for a bit, and presto!

Because I wanted to be really DIY, instead of regular water, I used the natural dyes I’d made for the last post. I also made some fresh dye by simmering turmeric. I added a *little*  food coloring to make some extra colours and added some essential oils for scent. The mega-huge amounts of salt kinda drowned out the fragrances, so I don’t recommend that last step.

The last step is easy: Play! Personally, I recommend an art picnic to do this. Invite friends over, and have them all bring some creative ingredient to add to the mash. Googly eyes, sparkles, feathers, pipe cleaners, magazine pictures, dracula teeth… the possibilities are endless.

I timed this well because I’m lucky enough to have an art picnic every 2nd Tuesday with group of brilliant women who also run creative businesses in the east end. We get together (at the sweet ‘ol Only Cafe,) drink lattes, make artsy stuff and talk about our how work is going. We also help each other out with promotions, so, ahem, that is: Jenn Hicks, Jamie Ridler, Danette Relic, Kim and Amy Sedgwick and yours truley. These women truly rock.

This week I arrived with a big pyrex of play dough, and happy mayhem ensued. I couldn’t share it with you without a little help from Macy, so without pause… here’s yesterday. (Warning: there is some adult content here.)

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