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Let’s recap:

We left off our characters on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, smiling, scheming and crafting. The plan? To make rice krispie squares from scratch – i.e. with all ingredients made from scratch. The epic success of the butter created a somewhat inflated sense of how easy this was going to be. The marshmallows had worked in the past too. All that was needed was puffed rice. How hard could that be?

… little did they know.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

After deciding to take on this challenge, the Fraser sisters started googling away to see how to puff their rice. Surprisingly, the usual plethora of google options weren’t coming up. But, in between the conversation forums talking about “gun puffing” techniques (scary!) we found this video.

Ginger ale!” I exclaimed after watching it. “I know how to make that too! This is amazing!”

Except that it totally didn’t work.

Before - when I was still so sure this was going to work.

After. Enough said.

Our next attempt was trying to pop rice like pop corn. I’ll save the polemic and skip to the chase – it failed too.

So, friends, please – your thoughts, ideas, and help on this one. How on earth do you make puffed rice? I’ve read more about getting more moisture into the kernel in order to pop it like pop corn, but have had absolutely no success.


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