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When my wonderful sister, Chris Kay, asked me a few months ago to facilitate a creativity weekend with her, I was pretty pumped. The end of January, a group of incredible people, staying at an eco-retreat centre in the woods. It sounded amazing.

Riverstone ... aka paradise!

Then she told me she wanted me to run a workshop on making sock monkeys.

“Sock Monkeys?” I kept asking. “Really? I just…”

To say I was skeptical is an understatement. For starters, I didn’t think people would be that into sock monkeys. Then there was the fact that I’d never made one before. And to top it all off, I was pretty sure it would more than the two hours alloted for people to fully create their sock creatures.

But somehow I said yes. And, well, I think the picture speaks for itself…

Sock Monkey Class of 2011

It was totally, utterly, awesome.

In prep for the workshop, I also created a little hand-out on how to make sock monkeys, so I’m offering it here today as a downloadable PDF instead of using the regular “how to” format.  (See below for a little sneak preview of page one!)

This has quickly become one of the best crafts I’ve ever done. The characters that were created at Winterglow were totally amazing, the joy and creativity that everyone brought to the workshop was inspiring, and the one-liners that came during the explanation (“Use the crotch hole to stuff your monkey, and breathe life into your socks!”) were epic.


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