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I love Sundays. The possibility, the creativity, the calm. They make me smile.

This Sunday was spent with Chris Kay, laughing, making sock monkeys and eating too many chocolate covered almonds.

At one point in the afternoon, riding the wave of one of our sugar highs, we had an absolutely incredible idea. We decided we would make a batch of rice krispie squares from scratch!

Ok, I realize this doesn’t sound all that radical, but by “from scratch” we meant making our own puffed rice, and butter, and marshmallows, and then turning them into the squares. It would have been the first 52 Projects project where we went 2 steps back in the production cycle with the “from scratch”-ness. Except for the epic failure that happened.

But that comes later. First, the epic success…

Making Butter


  • 500 ml whipping cream (preferably¬†organic)
  • A big jar
  • 2 strong hands
  • A strainer

How to do it!

  1. Carefully pour your whipping cream into a large jar. Close it tightly.
  2. Start shaking.
  3. Shake it. Sh-sh-sh-shake it. Shake it like a polaroid picture.
  4. Watch as the transformation happens.

Minute 1.

Minute 7.

Minute 13 and 21 seconds.

Keep on shakin!

Ah! It's coming! Minute 16.

The end is nigh. Minute 21.

Once you’ve got your butter in the jar, strain it out. The leftover liquid is buttermilk, and fantastic for baking! Chill the butter for a bit, and enjoy… It really is amazing!

The Final Product!

I think this has truthfully been my favourite project to date — so simple, so fast, and the transformation over those 21 minutes was like magic.

… if only the next part had the same success.

To be continued…


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