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I had an oh-so-consistent pattern in university. The semester would start, and fairly quickly, paper topics would start being assigned. I would get uber-excited about my paper topics – BC land claims settlements in the Agricultural Land Reserve, political undertones in Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony, the legal issues surrounding pipeline development in Alberta, the role of the Gamelan in Balinese culture (yup, I had a pretty all-over-the-map university experience) – and read and think and read and think. But then I wouldn’t start writing my papers until 48 hours before they were due.

Every time I would lament the lost potential. If only I had started earlier, this could be the best paper ever. But no. I’d left it too late.

The familiar feeling started creeping into my mind at about 3am on Wednesday July 6th. The opening of 52 Projects: The Exhibit was less than 48 hours away, and I still didn’t have a single board completed. My room was covered in paper scraps. There were photos absolutely everywhere. My fingers were blistered and sore from constant glue-gun use. And I was pretty sure that Friday night would come, and people would show up to an empty gallery.

Somehow, though, that didn’t happen. With some amazing help from some extraordinary friends, Friday came, and the exhibit was up. There was even home-made food to eat! And, best of all, it was really fun!

52 Projects: The Exhibit is up at the Wise Daughters Craft Market until mid-September. Check out the hours and location and stop by to take a look!

And for anyone interested in seeing just how the exhibit was put together, from start to finish, check out the photo montage here! (hit the “slideshow” button on the top right in the new tab for the full effect!)

A million thanks to some extra special for all their help in getting the exhibit up. Specifically Chris, Karim, Mary, Danette, Ian, the Rusholme Gals and to everyone else for the love, support and encouragement!

Photo Credit: Karim Rizkallah

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