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A Board of Corks!

Last spring, I moved into a beautiful new home. My landlord – a truly wonderful woman – left my 4 roommates and I with this exquisite house, fully furnished, for a year. As we’ve settled in, we’ve come to love the quirks of this place, and have also come to expect to find hidden treasures around every corner. Like The Make Out Game – a hilarious 1980s board game put out by “Maturity Inc”, mysterious jars of old tea leaves (we think) that probably went mouldy in 1992, various exotic trinkets and a whole whackload of old wine bottle corks.

What better way to put those corks to use, than make a cork board!

This is one definitely goes in the easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy category and is now hung lovingly in my room. Here goes…


  • Lots of corks! As many as you can get your hands on
  • A thin wooden board, the size of your desired cork board. I actually used a piece of cardboard, because I was being lazy, and it totally worked! You could also use an old picture frame, or make a wooden frame. Basically something to provide the backing for your board
  • A cheese grater
  • A glue gun with lots of glue sticks
  • A hook / hammer / nail … basically something to then hang your board with.

How to do it

  1. Put on the newest episode of Being Erica. Then get your sister / partner / best friend / mom to come over and start grating corks for you while

    Chris, grating corks!

    you watch the episode. You just want to grate enough off one end of the cork so that there is a flat surface to glue onto your board.

  2. Heat up your glue gun.
  3. While one person is grating, the other starts gluing. You can be really particular and try to get all the corks to line up and fit together nicely, or you can just dive in and hope it works. I did the latter, and, well, it worked!
  4. Glue those puppies onto your board!
  5. If you’re building a frame around it, build it. If not, attach your hanging device onto it and hang it!

Et voila! How pretty is this?!

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